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Droit de la famille – 133419, 2013 QCCS 6979

Issue: Criterion considered to satisfy shared custody. Decision: The Court reiterates the criterion for shared custody, namely: The needs of the child; the parental capacity to meet the needs of the
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règlement de dossier

The pathway towards a timely and effective settlement of your case

Our justice system places great value on an individualistic approach where the rights of the individual must be recognized and upheld. The problem with this approach, is that traditional litigation
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litige coûteux

How to avoid costly litigation through alternate dispute resolution

Whether it be matters of divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, employment law, or latent defects, the cost of litigation, its delays, long trials, complex procedures and other barriers are
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procédure de divorce

Divorce: what you need to know

Is your relationship at a point where you are definitely considering a divorce? This article will help you better understand the different elements to consider for your divorce.
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séparation de conjoints de fait

Separation of “common-law” (de facto) couples

Under the Civil Code of Quebec, the status of a de facto spouse is not recognized. So, in the event of a separation, they do not benefit from the same
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What are my rights if I am stopped by the police? What do I say?

If a police officer stops you to ask you questions, here are a few guidelines. Start, by being polite. If the police detain you for investigative purposes, or if you
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Wrongful dismissal & compensation

If you have been wrongfully dismissed, you are entitled to compensation from your former employer. As a general rule, an employer can terminate an employee. However, employees with two years
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Sellers and buyers, beware – of hidden defects

Whether you sell or purchase a property, you may be faced with one of the following situations that must be dealt with promptly. If you sold your property, or you
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Custody and relocation away from Quebec

After a break up, a parent may want to get closer to his or her country or province of origin in order to rebuild a new life. But what about
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Droit de la famille – 111641, 2011 QCCA 1090 (CanLII)

Issue:  Parental conduct & custody. Decision: The conduct or lifestyle of the parents will only be issues in dispute and will only be relevant if they have consequences on the
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