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Real Estate and Condominium Lawyers

Daniel Cooper has gained considerable practical experience as president of the board of directors of a large syndicate of co-ownership. He also acts for, and counsels, several syndicates of co-ownership.

Living in a condominium is a marriage of two concepts. The first being the rights and privileges of private ownership of property. This concept however is joined with the second, namely, the accommodations and flexibility required to live in a collectivity. These two concepts involve a balancing act.

Consequently, this nexus of self and collective interests requires certain guidelines and normes that enable co-owners to live together in harmony, without arbitrariness and with a certain degree of certainty of what is expected of them. These guidelines and normes are found in the Declaration of Co-Ownership (the: “Declaration”). They are also found in the Civil Code of Quebec. The Declaration, in essence, sets out the rules regarding the relationships between co-owners and the syndicate concerning the private and common portions of the condominium as well as the relationships between co-owners themselves.

  • Practical solutions and compliance
  • Director’s responsibilities
  • Declaration of co-ownership enforcement

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