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Criminal Lawyers in Montreal West Island

Criminal charges are serious and may be the most stressful experience you will face. When arrested, an aggressive criminal defence strategy will extract all the weak links in the crown’s case. If you’ve been arrested, call on the services of a criminal lawyer who’s fully qualified to manage your defense. The defense attorney will devise a strategy to find and bring to light all of the flaws in the Crown’s case.

Weak links can lead to the doubt you must raise to be acquitted of, or, mitigate the charges against you. We believe that successful results come from uncompromising dedication to our client’s best interests. There can be numerous counts, such as domestic violence, assault and threat, drug-related offenses and criminal acts. In order to defend and enforce your rights, as criminal lawyers, we take the time to listen to you so we can build a solid defense case. This means every avenue of preparation and investigation will be undertaken to protect and enforce your rights. Some of your fundamental rights include:

  • that you are presumed innocent;
  • that police officers cannot conduct a search, or seize, your belongings without a warrant, except in very limited and exceptional circumstances;
  • you cannot be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned;
  • If you are arrested or detained, you must promptly be given the reason for your arrest or detention;
  • you must also be informed and be given the right to speak to an attorney.

Daniel Cooper and Alice Florian are criminal lawyers in the Montreal West Island and Pointe Claire. They will personally work for you and with you to: launch the best possible defence, mitigate the effects of criminal charges on your freedom and life, and, to obtain the best possible result, no matter how difficult the situation you face.

If you’ve been stopped by the police, you have rights. We can help you enforce them.