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Unjust dismissal

Centre de santé et de services sociaux de l’Ouest-de-l’Île c. Koziol, 2011 QCCQ 1791 (CanLII)

The Facts: Defendant, a pharmacist, is recruited by Plaintiff for the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de l’Ouest-de-l’Île. Defendant is paid a signing bonus of $10,000 on the condition she work
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Stern c. Valeurs mobilières Desjardins inc., 2012 QCCS 654 (CanLII)

Issue: Does refusal to abide by the employer’s administrative policies constitute serious reason/insubordination?
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McKinley v. BC Tel, [2001] 2 SCR 161, 2001 SCC 38 (CanLII)

Issue: Whether an employee’s dishonesty, in and of itself, necessarily gives rise to just cause for summary dismissal.
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Structures Lamerain inc. c. Meloche, 2015 QCCA 476 (CanLII)

Issue: Abuse of rights in the termination of employment. Decision: In the case of unjustified dismissal, there will be an abuse of right only if an additional fault was committed
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Quebec (Commission des normes du travail) v. Asphalte Desjardins inc. [2014] 2 S.C.R. 514

Issue: When an employee gives the employer a prior notice of resignation, can the employer terminate the employee before said notice?
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Ponce c. Montrusco & Associés inc., 2008 QCCA 329 (CanLII)

Issue:  Abuse of rights in the termination of employment. The employer, Montrusco, recruits and encourages the employee to leave his previous employment to join Montrusco.  Eight months later, Montrusco terminates
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Premier Tech ltée c. Dollo, 2015 QCCA 1159 (CanLII)

Issue: The notion of serious reason to terminate. The Facts: The employer terminates the V.P. finance.  The reason given by the employer is his failure to achieve the financial objectives. 
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