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Legal Services offered in Montreal and West Island

Our firm is located near Montreal in the heart of the business district of Pointe-Claire. Our goal is to deliver superior legal services and solutions in a swift and cost effective manner for our client’s litigation and legal matters.

Whether you are involved in a civil or criminal case, you can rest assured that our guiding principles of integrity and excellence will be followed.

We are committed to achieving your objectives and we will provide you with personalized, innovative and specialized legal representation.

By looking at a problem from every angle, our team can then apply its experience and expertise confidently and decisively to ensure that your legal position is powerfully and clearly articulated.

Divorce, Custody, Child Support

Your divorce and custody attorney should have you and your children’s best interests at heart. Our lawyers are dedicated to representing you with compassion. We understand that an amicable divorce is preferable to a Court case. This is when a collaborative attitude and a commitment to conflict resolution and consensus-seeking strategies is important, especially when there are children involved. However, in a contested divorce, you need to know that your attorney will advocate your interests persuasively and firmly.

Employment and unjust dismissal – Legal Services

When your employment is terminated, employers will often not provide an adequate severance payment or indemnity. The minimum amounts established by the Labour Standards Act are bare minimums. In most cases, we obtain severance payments that exceed what is initially offered. If your employment has been wrongfully terminated or if you have been psychologically harassed in the workplace, legal advice from our lawyers will safeguard your employment law rights and help you effectively reach a fair settlement.

Condominiums and Property Law Services

Our lawyers provide legal advice to several syndicates of co-ownership in the Montreal West Island and Pointe-Claire areas. He has the experience required to resolve legal matters that arise with condominium ownership. Condominium law involves two concepts: the rights of private ownership of property and the rights of the collectivity of co-owners represented by the Syndicate. Condominium administrators are volunteers who are often overwhelmed by the technicalities of Condominium Law. Call us now to obtain practical legal advice and fair solutions.

Criminal Defence Services

Being charged with a criminal offence is stressful. Criminal charges and arrest is when your fundamental rights and freedoms are at stake and must be protected. If you have been arrested or detained in Montreal, West-Island or Pointe-Claire, for impaired driving, theft, domestic violence, assault, or drug offences, you need a criminal lawyer that will represent your best interests and find weak links in the prosecutor’s case. Call us now for an aggressive criminal defence strategy.

Hidden Defects – Hidden Defects Legal Services

Claims for a hidden defect in a home can be made months or even years after the sale. If you were the seller and are in the Montreal, West Island or Pointe-Claire area, know your rights and consult our attorneys to immediately protect yourself if a hidden defect claim is made against you. If you are the buyer, you should obtain legal advice as soon as you have knowledge of a defect because there are important legal deadlines that must be respected to enforce your rights.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR (alternative dispute resolution) is a process to help parties resolve disputes without going to Court. This viable alternative to litigation is more and more popular in Montreal and is achieved through mediation, collaboration and consensus-seeking strategies.

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