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Property law

Sellers and buyers, beware – of hidden defects

Whether you sell or purchase a property, you may be faced with one of the following situations that must be dealt with promptly. If you sold your property, or you
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Tassé c. Jacques, 2015 QCCS 6031 (CanLII)

Issue:  Do cracks revealed by the inspector constitute awareness of defect? The facts: Three months after the purchase of a 26 years old home the purchasers (Plaintiffs) find the concrete
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ABB Inc. v. Domtar Inc., [2007] 3 SCR 461, 2007 SCC 50 (CanLII)

Issue:  What are the conditions for the existence of latent defects and how to evaluate whether a defect is hidden or not. Decision: Whether a defect is hidden or not is
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Syndicate of copropriété Domaine Quatre-Saisons, phase II c. Giguère, 2012 QCCQ 4102 (CanLII)

Issue: Whether the Syndicate can claim legal fees incurred to claim payment for unpaid condo fees?
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Syndicate of Co-Ownership Le Carré St-Charles c. Daoud, 2014 QCCS 2665 (CanLII)

The facts: Paragraphe The Defendant, a co-owner of a syndicate of co-ownership (horizontal), installs, without authorization, a hot tub on the terrace in his townhouse garden area as well as security
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Appartements Club Sommet inc. c. Syndicate of Le Parc Co-Ownership, 2013 QCCS 1297 (CanLII)

Issue:  Can the refusal by a party to provide court ordered documents result in the payment of legal fees incurred to seek compliance with said court Order?
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